Standard Humanism is a humanistic belief, founded (Sep. 15th 2010 - ...) by Dariush Ghasemian Dastjerdi (Date of birth: Feb. 8th 1961) a (Ph.D.) Researcher - Thesis: The administration of human life in 3rd millennium! in order to find a new humanistic way to end the rules of thousands year ignorance and oppression on this Earth...!
As we are all human beings with our diverse Nationalities, Cultures, Religions, Beliefs and Ideas; we need to live on this earth in peace, justice and solidarity… but this is thousands year hope and dream! and never has happened perfectly; thus it is our job and duties to constantly work on it and try to make this dream becomes true.

Standard Humanism is an independent belief, with no relation and relevance to any belief, religion, politics, nationality, group or organization; this is an absolutely independent and new humanistic idea with the goal of human unity and peace, searching the best way of human life by the participation of all 7 billion people of world.

This is an international belief, a beyond border idea to bring understanding and peaceful cooperation thru international organizations in order to achieve the final scope of eliminating oppression and ignorance and injustice from human life.

Standard Humanism believes in the best life through the advanced organization of Worldwide Standard Human Society as we need the best world because we are the best human beings, 7 billion human beings - by all our beautiful and different cultures, beliefs, religions, and nationalities.
Standard Humanism seeks the best world by respecting and maintaining all our having, not by losing them for the sake of a specific group or belief or religion or politics.

Standard Humanism's System of Administration is a kind of Advanced Democracy in Third Millennium.

Attention please

This Standard is not the standard of a specific group or belief or politics but the Standard of all beliefs & religions, politics, cultures, economies etc. to shine All for the sake of "ALL" as we need the best world because we are the best human beings Seven billion human beings by respecting and shining all our beautiful havings separately and precisely; this is "The Administration of Standard Humanism & Worldwide Standard Human Society" dedicating new and brilliant world of third millennium to mankind by respecting, promoting and purifying all the cultures, beliefs, economies etc. to their highest standards of their life thru the control and advanced administration of Worldwide Standard Human Society instead of UN.

This is a try to save and change human life from primitive to advanced by the participation of All...
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Dariush Ghasemian Dastjerdi
Sep. 15th 2010 - Mysore, India