Promoting Standard Humanism for the sake of all …

Any peace-loving and pure human being needs to promote and strengthen the belief of Standard Humanism in order to gift the ideal and best imaginable world to mankind which will change the human life for the sake of all (politics, religions, beliefs, ideas, cultures, races, and people of the world…) to eliminate all the failures, ignorance, oppression, superstition etc. and shine the life of human beings on this earth;

This can be done by: speaking, advertising and any other ways of promoting you can and desire.

In order to promote the Idea of Standard Humanism (In its worldwide tour) you can also donate to:

Account No. 30886398269
Name: Dariush Ghasemian Dastjerdi
State Bank of India; Karnataka, Mysore - Main Branch: Code No. 3130
Swift Code: SBININBB 170


To human unity and elimination of the ignorance and oppression
of "the Satanic 10%" in human societies!

Standard Humanism is a kind of belief system! Which:
1 – Spreads to public life thru believe in its 5 principles….
2 – Thru the NGOs of Standard Humanism works officially.
3 – By establishing "Worldwide Standard Human Society" - in the place of UN - changes and purifies human life of mankind!

Vote for Standard Humanism any vote will make the world nearer to what we really deserve.