What would happen by Standard Humanism in your life!!!

A/ Purifying, correcting & shining all having and belongings of people and nations (religions & beliefs; politics; cultures; economies and knowledge of mankind) to their highest possible standards!

B/ Eliminating all the satanic acts and situations, like: wars; poverty; oppressing women, girls, boys and kids; drug smuggling; living in poor cities and districts....

C/ Reconstructing cities according to the Standard Humanism architecture!!!

D/ Renewal of human life in all its aspects in the shortest imaginable time!
What the other philosophies and systems have not done yet, and unfortunately never have the ability to do so.

Thru the three steps of:
1/ Voting for Standard Humanism
2/ Establishing NGOs of Standard Humanism
3/ Establishing Worldwide Standard Human Society (The Universal Society of Standard Human) in the place of UN!!!

And this could be the World of "Standard Human":

Peace! Justice! Happiness and Success of 7 billion human beings!

Are there any Standard Human beings in world of now?!
Or, can we find any trace of hidden Standard Humanism in our world of now!!!

Yes! Absolutely; in some of the advanced or even poor and back-warded countries there are some Standard Humanism... in other words there are some - and maybe - weak or strong features of Standard Humanism in the cultures; economies; politics; knowledge & sciences, and also their beliefs and religions, like the pictures below:

Some features of the world of Standard Humanism available in our world of now
this is like what would happen in the world of Standard Human for 7b. and in all nations)

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Some features and weaknesses of the world ruling by the Satanic 10%
after all the quest of mankind to make a suitable life up to the 21st century)

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