In our real world Satan is a twofold concept: (According to the philosophy of Standard Humanism)
A / a part of our instinct which pushes us towards selfishness, greed, power-seeking, oppression, ignorance etc. (Mostly in 10 percent of man...)
B / some negative energies and situations which prepares the area of dominating selfishness, oppression, power-seeking...
Thus: (a) to be equipped by knowledge, respect, understanding… and (b) to control human life by a systematic control based on Law and Reason is the answer to all human life problems and failures! (and Satan of ignorance & oppression would be eliminated).
The amazing Philosophy of Standard Humanism based on: 1/ Inventing the Five well-chosen principles of Standard Humanism; and 2/ Realizing the Five Top Human Life Facts, makes it practically accordable to our real life, in a way which the roots of all our failures can be discovered and controlled!
For the part (a) Standard Humanism advocates the Five Principles of Human Unity
For the part (b) advocates the Worldwide Standard Human Society to manage an advanced life with peace, justice and human life progress in third millennium… (Thru its five departments)
In this way The Satanic 10 percent are those who,
(By their negative character ruin the five top human life facts; and this is the World of Satanic 10 Percent):
1/ control the administration of human societies to oppress pure peoples… (Politics & management)
2/ control and damage the face of religions and beliefs to make pure people to be enemy of each other… (Religions & beliefs)
3/ control the cultures… and try to eliminate our beautiful and various having… (Cultures & beauties of our life)
4/ control the economy and trade to make the people poor and suffered… (Economics & trades)
5/ control man to remain illiterate and thus make him/her their slave… (Knowledge & sciences)

Worldwide Standard Human Society's administration by cleaning and purifying the five top human life facts would eliminate their rule and influence thru its five major departments!

The five departments of Worldwide Standard Human Society will control the influence or rule of Satanic 10 Percent in the world affairs and politics, and administration of any country to save all our having for the sake of ALL...

(According to Standard Humanism there are 70 percent honest, pure and peace-loving human beings spread in all countries and among all nations, cultures, religions etc. 10 percent oppressors and ignorant; and 20 percent neutral ones, and Standard Humanism has been designed to hand over the control of the world of mankind in the hands of 70 percent positives out of the control and influence of negative 10 percent or better Satanic 10 percent ignorance and oppression in order to gift the bright and brilliant world of 3rd millennium). 

And now you realize
This is exactly what Standard Humanism has been invented for,
That is:
By systematic knowledge of Standard Humanism (The five principles) and by systematic administration of Worldwide Standard Human Society, To Save Human Life and dedicate the bright and brilliant world of third millennium to pure children, girls & boys, women & men in all nations and by any beautiful culture, race, belief, language etc. out of the control and influence of Satanic 10 Percent.

(Standard Humanism advocates a "Two Layers Identity" for every human being, First: by equipping all with five principles of it in order to eliminate the rules of ignorance, oppression etc. from their life and, Second: by insisting anyone to live according to his/her belief and culture - at its best form - in a safe world by the support and the administration of Worldwide Standard Human Society).
By our special human unity of Standard Humanism and its powerful and advanced administration we can step forward faster than what now in the world of Satanic 10 percent are doing, which is very weak and under the control or influence of oppressors and ignorant.

Mankind after realizing the importance of: avoiding ignorance & oppression and establishing peace & justice, would be able to pass thru this life - by its highest standards of material & spiritual life - and open the other perfect lives, otherwise forever would remain and wander in the poor and incomplete world of Satanic 10 percent… Worldwide Standard Human Society by its five departments would dedicate Peace & Justice to mankind.

Standard Humanism will purify and shine all the beliefs, politics, religions, cultures, economies... and will manage them to eliminate the rules of ignorance, oppression... to live with solidarity, peace and justice in a safe world...

By correcting and managing an advanced life (both in individual and social life) in this world we would be ready to step in the other worlds and lives in the highest standards and capacities; Otherwise the result of our life - because of the influence of Satanic 10 percent - would be incomplete, poor and not exactly according to the purpose of our creation and existence…


The main objective and purpose of Standard Humanism is changing and turning the primitive form and nature of human life (the cyclical form of survival by the rule of oppressors and ignorance on this earth) to the standardization form and nature; (stepping out of the primitive cyclical life and growing step by step to the higher levels and standards of human living…).

If we don't realize and accept the World of Standard Humanism we will remain in the World of Satanic 10 Percent for some more centuries!