God means no face and group but the universal truth which covers all mankind under its eternal law equally...
God is a vast-wise energy! One alive energy which has wisdom and power to create and hold what has created! ... It is not a person...
God (the alive truth) always exists, and in the history of mankind by the needs of time and the capacity of the special situation of a specific territory and people, has emerged - passing thru: reason, heart & soul - as a kind of belief or religion to show and guide the human beings to their best way of life (matched by their culture).
God (Truth) is the justice and peace! This means all the religions, beliefs and philosophies, which were and are in our life and tried to protect mankind, all come from God! Any idea - as a set of recognized principles in the way of justice and avoiding oppression and ignorance - is a branch of truth and comes from God; that's why in the history of man we have tens and tens of beliefs and philosophies in various places and geographies to guide us, and each by the same essence (seeking justice and peace) formed a specific belief, whether it be of religious nature, social nature or political nature! This means all the peace-loving and justice-seeking ideas (Material or Spiritual) come from truth (God)!

Therefore we have Abrahamic religions; Iranian, Dharmic, Taoic and Indigenous beliefs religions and social political beliefs and ideas etc. all from God to save specific people of a territory from injustice and oppression, according to their situations and needs.

By peace and justice we will be able to pass thru our goal of existence and start our other lives!
(The Satanic 10 percent - by ruining the five top human life facts - never let to live with peace justice, and that's why our life is poor and incomplete, with a never-ending process of correction...)

Thus all our beliefs in the way of showing the best way of life and to guide and correct our life are from God, All are of truth and God.
This means all are correct for their people and their culture; and all need to be treated and be prescribed for their covered areas, and not necessarily to others, except by their choice and will.
By this logic it is not possible to force A to B, or C to A, etc. Because the history of our real life has always proved the impossibility of that; now as always there is the problem of imposing ideas to others, something must be found to protect human life.

(Imposing ideas and beliefs to other persons and territories come from two goals: 1/ to help the others by what some have achieved as a good ideology and good way of life, in the positive way; 2/ to try to control the other, and to rule over the others - by the means of ideas and covering the others under their ideologies - because of selfishness and power-seeking nature of some groups or as I say and name them: the satanic 10 percent oppressors and ignorant, in the negative way).

In this way:

Adopting Standard Humanism - as the new international belief of 3rd millennium - in the complex world of today which any group tries to impose its idea to others is the new way of controlling human life to keep order for the sake of respecting and shining ALL…
In individual part - Standard Humanism equips mankind with its five principles of a kind of needs which will let to live with respect and purifying all our having from the control of Satanic 10 percent
In social and global part - Worldwide Standard Human Society by its five departments of: 1/ politics & management; 2/ religions & beliefs; 3/ cultures & beauties of life; 4/ sciences & knowledge; and 5/ economics & trades, will administer the human life in peace and justice
God (truth) has two major aspects:

1/ from the social view: as the laws orders to correct social life in various forms (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Marxism, Secularism, etc.).

2/ from the individual view: as the positive and alive energy, and the One which helps man to grow spiritually by various ways of worshiping, prayer, meditation, TM, yoga, etc. To grow spiritually and to help the soul to become nearer to the more pure truth and to understand more purity and then to pass the life better; and to find the capacity of passing the steps of soul-growing for this life which would deserve us eventually to step in our other lives happier and completer!
Therefore there are varieties of beliefs philosophies to help mankind to correct their social and individual life; it is important to mention that all the beliefs would shine in their places of emergence, and imposing them to other places may cause problems unless people by their desire and consciousness adopt that.
God is the universal truth, energy and the creator of universe and nature; which in different places and times emerged through the specific culture and nature of a group of mankind (By various names…) to guide them to the best way of living and according to the goal of their existence, and according to their needs and capacities of life. (Please also refer to The Concept of Truth and Reality section).
Truth means what is correct, and Reality means to build according to correct!
To understand the truth of our existence and life purely helps us to build our life more correctly.

Note: Civilization generally covers all our having (religions, beliefs, cultures, rituals, ceremonies etc.) but there is a distinctive differences between the belief and the culture! (in the world-view of Standard Humanism): Belief - in theory - as a set of ideas means something discovered to show our best way of living with peace and justice which comes from God truth in variety of forms; ... but Culture is the creature of nations and groups of people to form their beautiful and different faces of life in their architecture, foods, dress, behaviors, etc. Some beliefs also cover culture, or there are mixed forms of politics with culture and religious practices principles too…

Mankind is in the first steps of their life! And it is not possible to capture all the truth of life and universe all in this step (this world) such as: what is exactly God? or what is the purpose of our creation? or is there any afterlife? etc. so first we should reach to peace and justice and then by finding enough energy and capacity of understanding, to realize more truth and reality, closer to the universal facts… it is better first we concentrate our energy to correct our real life of now and then more facts and truths would appear to us by our new and higher capacities of understanding captured thru living in peace and justice; thus peace and justice is absolutely important to save us from primitive life of satanic 10 percent.