New Political System advocated by Standard Humanism
(By adopting this system people of any country would save their advance life and democracy)

As a new belief of third millennium declaring the best way of life, Standard Humanism introduces and advances A New Political System, so by adopting and matching it any nation would pass backwardness and mismanagements inherited in its country and walk the way of a brilliant society being by maintaining and respecting the five major facts of human life (politics, beliefs, cultures, economics and sciences...) which save the rights and wills of all people and groups in any human society.

The new political system of Standard Humanism is a new approach of liberal democracy and a kind of parliamentary democracy in which the head of the state known as the President at the same time would be the head of the parliament. In fact the form of political system here completely changes and the president with the supreme organ of the state will identify themselves as one unique organ: A house by the president at its head!...

The functions of the parliament would cover five important departments of: 1. Legislation, 2. planning, and investigation and control over the affairs of plan execution, 3. Security, 4. Finance, and 5. International relations…. Committees of parliament in this system are of utmost importance.

(The key-role of the branches of five departments of Worldwide Standard Human Society here is of highly significance as they enable countries of the world adopted political system of Standard Humanism to correct and purify their having even before constructing WSHS Organization; political system of Standard Humanism is the saver of poor and back-warded countries and the improver of modern ones).

Parliament here has the supreme authority and the Executive - by the function of the executing the affairs of the country with the help of private sectors - has a kind of nominal head! by the name of prime minister appointed from the members of parliament and accountable to it, (In this system the position of prime minister differs to what in normal parliamentary systems is)... The executive would not be equal to the legislature but subordinate to it, preventing the country fall in the evil of party system and naturally power-seeking for the sake of a group and not the nation….

As political parties are of supreme importance in the world of Satanic 10 percent, oppose to it in the world of pure rationality, knowledge and powerful administration of Standard Humanism the members of head of the nations would be chosen among the wisest and purest human beings administering the affairs of the states out of any power-seeking and mismanagement! The members of parliament as supreme organ of the state are not chosen and elected out of political parties but the professors of the universities... with having special knowledge and experiences understanding the best ideals of the country.

Supreme Court and police as the guardian of constitution are of a powerful check against the arbitrary of the parliament. At the same time media, public opinion, pressure groups, organizations and institutions of the state as the best checks will keep the order in the sake of constitutionalism.


By the time of establishing the Worldwide Standard Human Society the States would be in best compatibility to it and all human affairs would run in its easy and most effective way….

The whole text and discussion regarding the proposed political system of Standard Humanism is available in the book of 'Standard Humanism and Worldwide Standard Human Society'.