Reality (What is there…) - Reality is the existence and to be…. Reality is that something amazing is there…. Reality is to be united and discovering…. Reality is passing this life thru peace and justice….

Truth (What is correct beyond there; or the most perfect situation of anything…) - Truth is that Vast-wise-energy which Its created measures and objects speak about billions…. That is the One which creates and holds…. To see It is like a fish looking to the outside-world, vague and not realizable correctly (At least in this step of our life), because It is all and we are small….
Various people and cultures see and understand It from their different points of view! So It is a very wide and complex object, not recognizable just from one dimension and philosophy….

Man- Man is a work of art! Created by the creature of universe thru the energy and wisdom released in the nature…. This work of art is a very complex object showing Its creator is a very amazing one…. We as human beings create works of art too, but the difference is that our creatures cannot understand us or think about us, but man can think and discover the truth and reality, in steps! This means we need to pass steps of growth… and then to find enough capacities of understanding the Truth = this is The Standard Human Philosophy which leads man to A standardization life! This means we need to trace the best standard of material and spiritual life (for all) we can do today and then by reaching to it trace the other higher standard of life and again higher standard of spiritual and material life… up to become bigger and bigger (by living and passing through various worlds of physics and metaphysics) and finally to be dissolved to The Pure Truth Energy (God) and understand It.
Man is a piece of universal spirit and a masterpiece which must be welcomed in peace, respect and justice at its highest levels by all peoples and cultures.

Values- Values are those behaviors and acts of man which help us by forming to their ideals become a man that would live in a way to reach to peace and justice needed to let us pass this step of life (on this earth)!
Some values are universal and some are cultural and regional…. Universal ones like to be honest and veracious are not changeable, but regional ones prone to be mixed with ignorance and oppression! Satanic 10 percent by their ignorance and oppression try to never let man to live in peace and justice and thus go for their next step of universal progress….

Peace and Justice- Peace and justice speak about a situation which all are content and satisfied; this means providing a global system to apply that; without a perfect global system there would not be any stable peace or wide justice.
To apply justice mean respect to all our having, and these having according to Standard Humanism are the five major facts of mankind"s life which consists of: 1-politics administration… 2- religions beliefs… 3- cultures beauties of our life… 4- knowledge science… 5- economics trades…
The ignorance and oppression of 10 percent of mankind (according to the philosophy of Standard Humanism) by capturing or ruining these five top human life facts never let to live in peace and justice, and that"s why Standard Humanism have invented the five 3D principles of human unity to control human life thru the advanced administration of Worldwide Standard Human Society Organization instead of UNO.
In order to achieve the peace and justice and then start our other lives the entire world (countries, cultures etc.) should grow - in all the aspects of human life - all together; in this way all the spirit of man, in unity and solidarity, would pass to the other and higher life.

Note: Mankind is in the first steps of their life! And it is not possible to capture all the truth of life and universe in this step (This world) such as: what is exactly God? Or what is the purpose of our creation? Or is there any afterlife? Etc. So first we should reach to peace and justice (the highest standard of this life) and then by finding enough energy and capacity of understanding, to realize more truth and reality, closer to the universal facts… it is better first we concentrate our energy to correct our real life of now and then more facts and truths would appear to us by our new and higher capacities of understanding captured thru living in peace and justice; thus peace and justice is absolutely important to save us from primitive life of satanic 10 percent...
Human life just by a correct compiling of: "reason, heart and soul" and in the way of a perfect joining of material spiritual life, and with a universal world-view is complete, meaningful and wide in the size of mankind.

To clear confusion about the concept of reality and truth!

There are three different situations regarding the relationship between truth and reality:

A (looking towards the future)/ in the first step of their relationship, and to understand what exactly are the truth and reality, we mention that first: there is one absolute reality which is physical and visible, and one absolute truth which is metaphysical and is the absolute correct being (maybe we name it as God) which leads all…
* In this case there would not be any integration between the truth and reality! And you are going to imagine a one dimensional world i.e. physical or metaphysical (this means you are failing to have a perfect philosophy for your world and life, and would miss whether physical progress or spiritual growth) ….

B (looking from the present time/ in action)/ in the second step of relationship between reality and truth the situation is that they will reach together and will make one unique fact! For example: the truth is that you deserve to be and have the capacity to be the best artist in your town; or you deserve to have a good and suitable life, but in reality is not so! Whenever you could have a good life, then reality and truth about you would match together, and reality and truth would mean one reality (truth)….
The second relationship could be a never-ending process! And you always trace a higher situation you deserve and then in reality reach to it and step by step pass the levels of progress; (Standard Humanism is based on this second formula… to lead human life to what we really deserve, by tracing our highest and most correct situation of a perfect life we may build now, up to go further and further to reach to the pure truth or God).
* In the second phase the truth and reality would eventually be integrated (this means you believe in the growth of both material and spiritual life at its highest situation which is possible and imaginable to mankind, and to discover the highest truths of universe) ….

C (looking to the past)/ the third situation is the fact that both reality and truth mean one; for example there is a happen there and you want to know how exactly it happened; in this situation you would ask what is the truth about this incident? Or, what is the reality about this incident? By both questions you mean one answer, and want to know one thing = what is the story exactly?
* Thru the third phase you believe that reality and truth are both one, and the universe and human life are running by them (this means you have nothing to do or you are quite relaxed and satisfied, adopting anything happens) ….

To clear the exact meaning and concept of God! (According to Standard Humanism)

God means no face and group but the universal truth which covers all mankind under its eternal law equally...

God (truth) has two major aspects:

1/ from the social view: as the laws orders to correct social life in various forms (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Marxism, Secularism, etc.).
2/ from the individual view: as the positive energy and the One which helps man to grow spiritually by various ways of worshiping, prayer, meditation, TM, yoga, etc. To grow spiritually and to help the soul to become nearer to the more pure truth and to understand more purity and then to pass the life better; and to find the capacity of passing the steps of soul-growing for this life which would deserve us eventually to step in our other lives happier and completer!
(Please see the God & Truth section for more details).

Five Worldviews (By Dennis McCallum)
It sometimes seems as if there are more philosophical and religious views than any normal person could ever learn about. Indeed, there are more than six thousand distinct religions in the world today. However, some people are surprised to find that the world’s religions and philosophies tend to break down into a few major categories. These five worldviews include all the dominant outlooks in the world today.
This chart is adapted from Christianity: The Faith That Makes Sense by Dennis McCallum (Tyndale).
Naturalism (Atheism; Agnosticism; Existentialism):
REALITY - The material universe is all that exists. Reality is "one-dimensional." There is no such thing as a soul or a spirit. Everything can be explained on the basis of natural law.
MAN - Man is the chance product of a biological process of evolution. Man is entirely material. The human species will one day pass out of existence.
TRUTH - Truth is usually understood as scientific proof. Only that which can be observed with the five senses is accepted as real or true.
VALUES - No objective values or morals exist. Morals are individual preferences or socially useful behaviors. Even social morals are subject to evolution and change.
Pantheism (Hinduism; Taoism; Buddhism; … New Age; Consciousness):
REALITY - Only the spiritual dimension exists. All else is illusion, Maya. Spiritual reality, Brahman, is eternal, impersonal, and unknowable. It is possible to say that everything is a part of God, or that God is in everything and everyone.
MAN - Man is one with ultimate reality. Thus man is spiritual, eternal, and impersonal. Man’s belief that he is an individual is illusion.
TRUTH - Truth is an experience of unity with "the oneness" of the universe. Truth is beyond all rational description. Rational thought as it is understood in the West cannot show us reality.
VALUES - Because ultimate reality is impersonal, many pantheistic thinkers believe that there is no real distinction between good and evil. Instead, "unenlightened" behavior is that which fails to understand essential unity.
Theism (Christianity; Islam; Judaism):
REALITY - An infinite, personal God exists. He created a finite, material world. Reality is both material and spiritual. The universe as we know it had a beginning and will have an end.
MAN - Humankind is the unique creation of God. People were created "in the image of God," which means that we are personal, eternal, spiritual, and biological.
TRUTH - Truth about God is known through revelation. Truth about the material world is gained via revelation and the five senses in conjunction with rational thought.
VALUES - Moral values are the objective expression of an absolute moral being.
Spiritism and Polytheism (Thousands of Religions):
REALITY - The world is populated by spirit beings who govern what goes on. Gods and demons are the real reason behind "natural" events. Material things are real, but they have spirits associated with them and, therefore, can be interpreted spiritually.
MAN - Man is a creation of the gods like the rest of the creatures on earth. Often, tribes or races have a special relationship with some gods who protect them and can punish them.
TRUTH - Truth about the natural world is discovered through the shaman figure who has visions telling him what the gods and demons are doing and how they feel.
VALUES - Moral values take the form of taboos, which are things that irritate or anger various spirits. These taboos are different from the idea of "good and evil" because it is just as important to avoid irritating evil spirits as it is good ones.
REALITY - Reality must be interpreted through our language and cultural "paradigm." Therefore, reality is "socially constructed."
MAN - Humans are nodes in a cultural reality – they are a product of their social setting. The idea that people are autonomous and free is a myth.
TRUTH - Truths are mental constructs meaningful to individuals within a particular cultural paradigm. They do not apply to other paradigms. Truth is relative to one’s culture.
VALUES - Values are part of our social paradigms as well. Tolerances, freedom of expression, inclusion, and refusal to claim to have the answers are the only universal values.

(Each of these five world-views tries to discover the Reality and Truth of universe and human life from a part of the three dimensions or angels mentioned above! But in fact all the three of A, B & C must be considered in analyzing and understanding the facts of our universe).